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Chapter 2

What is the potential of the relationship and the person that you are seeking to be with?  What are you really looking for in a mate?  Are you looking for perfection or are you looking for a partnership? 

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Chapter 18

Love is an emotion however emotions are indicators not solely dictators.  Infatuation, lust, fascination are dangerous emotions and often confused as love.  Love is more than a feeling. Love is a choice and love is an action.  You choose to love someone, it doesn’t just happen.

"After being married for 16 years, I went through a divorce. Toward the end of my marriage I begin to chronicle my experiences of what worked and what didn't.  Being single again was quite an experience and re-entering the dating lifestyle was very interesting. I compiled my experiences along with interviewing over 100 couples from first date to a couple that was married for 54 years. Through the interviews, the study of human behavior and my personal experiences; I've written...




A panoramic guide of pre-dating, dating and marriage concepts. I approach the delivery of the book in the following manner
What do you need to know?
Why do you need to know it?
What do you need to do?
Why do you need to do it?
Recognizing challenges and ways to solve challenges.
My goal is to help those who desire to have thriving beautiful relationships whether you are single, dating or married."