I need you, You need me, We need each other

For ages wives have been referred to as the husband’s rib. Wives The ribs in the human body serve a strategic purpose. The ribs are designed to protect the heart and other vital organs. If the ribs were not there the organs would be exposed to all types of hits, hurts, bruises and damage. Wives protect your husbands with prayer. Men’s hearts are sensitive even if they don’t show it. Don't just pray about them, pray for them, intercede on their behalf that God will use, protect, and guide them. Don't just use your prayers for God to change them. Husbands In Football we use Rib Cage protectors so our ribs won't get damaged or fractured. If a rib is fractured or suffers injury it can puncture vital organs and cause internal bleeding. Husbands protect you wives just as you would protect you ribs if you were on a football field. They are sensitive and need protection physically, emotionally and spiritually. Make it you goal to protect them. Pray for them and ask God to show you how to love them. Pray for their physical, spiritual and emotional protection

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