Husbands: How to keep your wife stimulated and always ready for you?

Men and women are different. One of the reasons for our differences is to bring balance. A man could be described as a microwave and a woman could be called a crockpot. When it comes to intercourse most men are like microwaves. All you have to do is punch a few buttons and ding they are ready. A wife may just simply touch her husband and he’s ready to go. Meanwhile, most women on the other hand require more time to cook, like a crockpot. With a crockpot, the food takes its time to marinate. The spices are infused into the food and add more flavor to the meal the more it’s cooked. Men think of it this way, have you ever tried to become intimate with your spouse and she turned you away saying that she didn’t hear from you all day and now you want to come and touch me? What she is really saying is that she requires and desires your touch outside the bedroom. Stimulate her mentally, stroke her emotional and support her spiritually. Your wife wants to feel special, she needs you to be present in the moment with her, and she wants to feel appreciated. Remember intimacy is taking the long walk home. She may require a “good morning beautiful text” even if you just woke up next to her. Or maybe calls in the middle of the day to let her know you were thinking about her. This will make her feel special. Making her feel special is basically making her feel like she is the only women in the world and no one else exists. Pay attention when she talks to you and don’t be engaged when she is telling you about her day. That’s being present and in the moment with her.

Value her time and make sure that when you are with her, you are present mentally. Don’t be there physically and your mind is somewhere else. In this day and age, wives have a full plate. From working to school to being entrepreneurs all while still running a home and being our spouses. Supporting your wife and making her feel appreciated is key. She may be on a job that doesn’t appreciate her. Your children may be too young to show that appreciation or they may be teenagers and have a lack of appreciation. Whatever it is, her husband should be her biggest foundation of support and appreciation. These are just a few things that could stroke her emotionally and show her that you care. You may say that your wife doesn’t support you and that you need her support and appreciation. As her partner and leader of the family, you should display your leadership by example. You do it first. If there was a cork in a bucket and you wanted to make that cork float and rise to the top, you have to put water in the bucket first. The more water you put in the bucket the more the cork will float. The water goes in first and then the floating takes place. The same principle applies, if you want your wife to respond to you, fill her bucket first and watch her rise to the occasion of floating for you.

HUSBANDS: Foreplay starts outside the bedroom. If you stimulate her outside outside the bedroom than the bedroom won't be an issue. #LoveLogistics #RelationshipStrategies

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