Your greatest asset is each other

Many spouses invest in so many other things rather than their mate. They invest in their job, cars, hobbies, schools, houses, clothes etc., the list could go on and on. Now these things are all good, but they can typically cost us more than the investment we make in them. So what am I saying; should you not have a career or hobbies? No, that’s not what I am saying; I am saying that your spouse is your greatest asset, not the things you can accumulate. The cars, clothes and houses you invest in can never show up at your funeral, but the people you invest in will. Why not make a great investment in your spouse. There is 168 hours in a week. How much time would you say you invest in your spouse? I would like to break the investment down into three categories that would make it easier to understand. Time, Talk, and Touch are three areas of investment.

Time – Time will be an interesting subject because all areas of investment will include time. Time is very important. It gives us a parameter of what is being done. How much time are you spending alone together? No kids, no outside distractions, just you two. If you could manage your time and found some time wasters of your day, would you invest that time in your spouse? The time you invest in your spouse can have a major return and invaluable rewards for a couple. When you spend quality time with your spouse, you are saying that they are more important than the other things in your life.

 Talk – Once again time is involved because you have to ask yourself how much time do you and your spouse actually spend talking to one another. Not just talking about bills, the kids and all the challenges you may have. What about dreaming again? What about talking to each other and giving each other compliments? Telling your spouse how much they mean to you. Do you tell your partner that you value, appreciate and respect them? Communication in a marriage once again is the oil that keeps things flowing. No talk, no flow. One woman I interviewed for this book gave some wise advice for healthy communication in marriage. Her husband she cherished is now deceased. She told me that when she was married, she and her husband would turn off the television, put their child to sleep early so they would have time to have “pillow talk.” Pillow talk is an awesome thing that a couple can do to remove all the distractions of the day and just connect. You make sure the kids are sleep. You turn off all the lights in your room. Turn the TV off. You lay on your back with your eyes to the ceiling or you can cuddle; however you like, it’s up to you. You then just talk and share your heart with your mate. Share ideas, dreams, desires, etc. Whatever it is, invest that time to talk and connect with your mate.

 Touch – Now touch is not always about being intimately physical with your spouse. It involves activities, date nights, taking a walk etc. To touch someone you are in covenant with is to acknowledge their presence and to communicate your yearning for them. That's why the most successfully married couples believe that touching is an awesome experience and touching is a frequent occurrence. Dr. Charles & Elizabeth Schmitz have been researching married couples for over 30 years. For over three decades they have interviewed thousands of couples. What they have found to be a common trait in most successful marriages is the “accumulation of touching.” They found that successful married couples hug, kiss, touch each other while they are talking, sitting on the sofa cheek to cheek while having conversations; cuddling around each other while in bed etc. These couples enjoy the intimate connection that touching brings and it adds value and appreciation for their spouse. Touching creates connection for moments to look forward to and remember.

HUSBANDS & WIVES: Your greatest assets is each other. Don't invest in something or someone else and create a liability. #LoveLogistics #RelationshipStrategies

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