LADIES: The 7 types of guys that come into your life.

Yesterday I posted a blog that talked about the 5 types of women a man my have in his phone or DM. Someone asked if a man tries to find all these things in one women. The answer is yes he will try to find all those qualities in one women, but realistically he won’t. He will continue his journey and juggle of women until he gets to a place of maturity.


The female gender has a tendency to want commitment; however in our current society, women have become much more like men and trying to juggle as well. The female juggle is a little different. Females typically don’t like juggle men simultaneously. They have more of a trial bases for their juggle. They will try a man out for a period of time and then put that man on hold until he messes up or until someone more appealing comes into the picture. Don’t be misled; there are some women that do juggle simultaneously, however, like I said it’s not typical behavior. The five types of men that a female may encounter in her lifetime are the L5.

1. Leader

2. Loyal

3. Lover

4. Lender

5. Legend

Once again human nature would try to find all the attributes in one person, however that’s highly unlikely. We have a tendency to try to have a Frankenstein type of mentality. We try to take one attribute from each person and create the perfect person. Wishing we could match Mike’s Ambition, with John’s sense of humor, with Phillips smile. Etc.

  • Leader – One who is a natural leader and is gifted in the area of leadership. He has an entrepreneur type for a mind. She would follow him anywhere because she trust in his ability to lead. He’s a great conversationalist. She can talk to him about a variety of subjects because of his wealth of knowledge.

  • Loyal – The guy that if she were stuck on the side of the road at 3am, he would be there in a hurry no question asked. He would be there in the tough times. He was there when some other guy broke her heart, but she may not see him that way for a relationship.

  • Lover – The man she can always count on to give her the physical attention she needs and desires.

  • Lender – The man that is willing to pay her bills but may want something in exchange; her time or her touch. Or he may be the man that doesn’t want anything in return but just wants to be a nice guy.

  • Legend – One who has a great reputation. His name precedes him. This is typically found with younger women that have heard about how great a guy is and wants him because she wants to know for herself if what she heard is true. He is legendary.

  • I have to add an addition 2 men that a women may deal with or have in her life. That’s the

6. Liar

7. Loser

The liar works on a cycle. He leaves and comes back around always saying that he has changed but he rarely does. You will find him in a new lie and that’s when he fades to black on you. Women may find themselves, really liking the liar but can’t trust him. He has a lot about him that you want but can’t stand his lies.

The loser is the guy who has lost hope. He may be married and beaten down by life. He’s the guy you see in the mall holding his wife’s purse looking hopeless. He wants change and he wants something new but he doesn’t have the energy for it. He feels hopeless.

So what is the solution?

In February of 1519, a very ambitious young man, named Hernan Cortes set course for a trip to Mexico. The goal of his trip was to acquire riches & wealth for Spain and fame & glory for himself. Hernan’s ambition always set him apart from his peers. He was elected captain for the expedition to Mexico at the age of 34, in time where captains were usually older. Cortes thirst and hunger for power and fame drove him to extreme measures. He partially funded the expedition to Mexico with his own money, because he refused to lose. When the governor of Cuba recalled the mission to Mexico and revoked Hernan’s charter; Hernan ignored his orders and set sail for the adventures to the mainland. All his life, he wanted to make a name for himself and he was not about to let the opportunity slip away from him. He was determined to accomplish the goals that he had set for himself and refused to let anyone stand in his way. With 11 ships, 500 men, 13 horses and a small number of cannons Cortes landed in the new world via Mexico. Due to his arrogance and disobeying the orders of the governor, his crew began talks of mutiny and return to Cuba with Cortes’ ships. Cortes refusing to lose, he burned all his ships thus sealing their fate to be committed to the mission. Hernan removed his crew’s option of returning to Cuba. When he removed their option, they were forced to commit.

Never approve the behavior of being someone’s option. The moment you accept being an option is the moment you make yourself a plan B. In the story of Hernan Cortes, he removed the option for his crew of returning to Cuba and they were forced to stay committed to the mission at hand. You can’t force anyone to choose you, but you can make him or her wish they had.

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