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7 Essential Elements of good communication

Within a relationship there are 4 conversations going on:

  1. What was said.

  2. What was heard.

  3. What was meant.

  4. What was felt.

When talking to your partner/spouse these can sometimes get off.

Here are 7 key elements to remember when you are communicating with your mate:

Three for the communicator (Talker); and Four for the receiver (Listener).


  1. Lose the assumption – receiver

  2. Listen to hear and not to respond (empathic listening)– Receiver

  3. Listen with your partner in mind

  4. Don’t interrupt – Receiver


  1. Take time to explain – Communicator

  2. Communicate with you partner in mind – Communicator

  3. Say what you mean, mean what you say – Communicator

The receiver is the person that is listening. Within a conversation, they will have to play both roles as well. However you can’t listen and speak at the same time. Being a good listener is a valuable attribute in a relationship. The reason why it’s so valuable is because true listening takes patience and it shows that you care. Often in relationships, people stop listening because they stop caring. If you really want to show your partner that you care, start by listening.

In the art of communication with your partner never take for granted, they automatically understand what you are saying. Taking time to explain yourself shows that your personal agenda is not the main point of the relationship but that the continuity of the relationship is.

Daryl Fletcher

1Dynamic Life Coaching & The Love Logistic Circle

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