A SUREFIRE way to strengthen your marriage!

Lots of people will give you “proven” ways to strengthen your marriage and make it better.

Maybe you’ve already tried some of those things, and maybe they have worked well for you. Or maybe there still seems to be something missing in your relationship with your spouse. I’ve got something to share with you today that will help!

Here’s today’s Love Logistic Tip:

An absolutely surefire way to improve your marriage is to always be honest with your spouse.

That’s not always easy to do—and I’m not claiming it is! But honesty is a mainstay in any strong marriage. That means being honest about where you are and what you’re doing. It means being honest about your online activity. It means being honest about finances and how you’re spending money. It means being honest about ... well, about everything!

In my opinion there is no justified reason to lie in a marriage. It just never goes well. Make honesty your policy—starting today.

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Here’s to a better marriage,

Daryl Fletcher

Relationship Strategist & Life Coach

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