Have you healed from past hurts from your previous relationships?

Your current partner should not be paying the bill of your last partner's invoice



The pain of a past relationship can easily show up in a current relationship. When that happens the present partner tends to receive that punishment from another person, and that’s just not fair. Nor is it healthy. A miracle is immediate but healing is a process. After a relationship breakup you need a healing not the miracle of another relationship. Your present and future relationships should never be punished for something some from your past did to you. Letting go of past hurts from other relationships is a process. Many times we jump from relationship to relationship without healing from the previous relationship. The goal is to healed from past relationships, evaluate what worked and didn’t work in the previous relationship; and how to do things differently and better. You’re doing this not for the other person you may meet later, but you’re doing it for yourself.

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