Are you looking for the perfect mate?

Love isn’t based on their perfection, its based on your promise to be committed. If you are looking for perfection you will never find it. #LoveLogistics #RelationshipStrategies

What if the person who would treat you in the way you wanted and needed to be treated came in an unexpected package? What if that person would love you the way you wanted to be loved and wasn’t tall as you always dreamed about – or was lacking the physique you desired? People often choose a mate based on superficial desires or merely based on physical attraction. It’s worthy to be physically attracted to the person you engage in a relationship, but the issue with solely focusing on this is that physical appearances change over the course of months and years. Look at an elderly couple – their relationship is based on more than physical features. They may have learned that, what is really essential about a person is what is on the inside. Styles and fads come and go and your interests will also change. But what a person values will stick with them for life and it is an expression of their, moral standard and fortitude to get through life’s twists and turns. You need more than a pretty face as a partner to walk through good and bad times in life. You need more than just “eye candy” and a “arm charm”. Would the person you have your sights on now stand firmly by your side if you were in a car accident and expected a prolonged recovery in the hospital? Would they work hard to provide for you and future children? Would they drop everything to help a family member in need without building resentment?

Ask yourself this question and demand an honest answer: has a relationship worked out as expected in the past when I selected a potential partner solely based on physical attraction?

Have you ever stopped to consider what values are most important to you in a relationship? Your values should be higher and greater than your desires. It takes time to work this out, but who you decide to spend time with will change as you determine what you truly value. The person that is really for you may be the plan that you never though of…

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