Are you marriage ready or just ready for a wedding?

People prepare more for the one day of the wedding than the life time of the marriage. What sense does it make to have a beautiful wedding but an ugly marriage. Don't sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now.

TIPS for a engaged or serious couple:

1 - Take a relationship Assessment (Find out the pluses and minuses of your relationships. Learn the methods and tools you will need in order to make your relationship an asset and not a liability.

2 - Take a Pre-Marital Marriage Course or Class - A course that focuses on Communication, Healing, Trust and Financial Accountability

3 - Find a Marriage Mentor or group - Learn from couples that have a successful marriage and that have overcome various challenges. Many times in a marriage we feel that our problems are so unique however many people have overcome them and they can help you maneuver through the challenges that you may inevitably face.

4 - Seek Godly Counsel.

Most of these tools may require an monetary investment however they are well worth the invest.

Average cost of a contested divorce:


Average cost of an uncontested:


Average cost of a Relationship Coaching Session - $197-$497


People spend money in their career.

People spend money in their cars.

People spend money in houses.

People spend money in clothes.

People spend money in their wedding.

But they won't spend money to save their marriage....

But they'll spend money to end it...?

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