How to increase your profits by caring about your employee’s personal lives.

If you really cared about your profits, you would care more about your employees.

How to increase your profits by caring about your employee’s personal lives.

In a recent study, Corporate American Businesses lose $300 billion dollars a year in revenue due to relationship stress related issues. That’s billion with a “B”. If CEO’s, CFO’s and HR Executives want to increase their profits, they have to start increasing their care level about what their employees are going through away from the office. The affects of personal relationship challenges are staggering. Employees that struggle through divorce and relationship issues are often late, less productive and have poor performance.

I can remember the week my ex-wife made the decision to leave me. That week I was beginning a special project that was very important to my career; not to mention I was new to this organization. I would have to say, that was one of the worst week’s of my life and the lowest performing week in my career’s history. I mismanaged so many situations, I had poor judgement and my decision making skills were horrible. It almost cost me my job. I can remember talking to a friend saying that “I was hurting and I just need some time to regroup.” After 2 weeks of poor performance, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) came to me and asked what she could she do to help. She knew about my ex-wife leaving and saw how bad I had been doing with my task. I needed some time to collect myself but more importantly, I needed some help. She gave me a book and recommended a relationship coach. I was very hesitate to talk to someone about my personal issues; however it became clear it was less of a recommendation and more of a requirement. After a few sessions with the coach, I was able to bounce back from the demise of my marriage. It showed up in my work performance as well. I completed that special project and in that quarter I was able to bring in more revenue from the organization. There is no magic wand that can be waved over employees to take their personal lives away; however corporations and employers can be more sensitive to the needs of their employees.

Here are some ways corporations can provide a culture that support employees when they are dealing with divorce and/or personal relationship issues.

Pay Attention - During performance review ask employee questions about their life outside work. Personal issues will affect a person’s performance; however most employees won’t volunteer information that there is an issue. When employers make recommendations and ask the right questions, employees are more prone to share when asked. It shows the employee that the company cares about the person.

Develop a Culture of Care - Helping your employees achieve their fullest potential starts with their well being. When companies embrace a caring culture; studies show that employee performance increases. If you want to increase performance and productivity, show your employees you care.

Review your EAP (Employee Assistance Program) - Most mid to large size corporations have an Employee Assistance Program; however their program may be outdated and/or employees may not even be aware that these programs are available to them. Make sure your employees are aware of your EAP. Some corporations have weeks and days they dedicate to the awareness of their programs to boost moral.

Ask for help - As a relationship coach, I help organizations improve the quality of their internal and external relationships. A simple conversation can help turn your organization around. Increasing your profits tomorrow starts with investing in your employees today. Let’s have a conversation about how you can start.

Let’s schedule some time to talk: Call 800-881-9770 or email

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