How To Lead By Example

Leading by Example

It’s hard to argue with a leader who rolls up his or her sleeves and helps the team get the job done. No one can challenge such commitment to the team. Leading by example is one of the best ways to manage people because it shows you are part of the team.

This doesn’t mean a leader should do everything for the team. There are managers who mistake leading by example with interfering with its members. The team will learn to resent a leader who simply does everything for the team. Besides, who has that kind of time?

The idea of leading by example is to take on some of the tasks or fill in for team members who are not available, etc. Sometimes, it can be just giving guidance to members who are stuck and showing them some of the steps. Then, let them take on the rest and come to you with any questions.

Leading by example also entails being honest with the team. You need to take responsibility for your actions, and ultimately, you are responsible for the actions of your team members. If one person is slacking off and you don’t meet a deadline because of it, your management is going to approach you about the problem. It won’t matter if you defend yourself and state that your team member was the one responsible for being late. In fact, this will leave your management with the impression you are being petty.

After you take heat for members of your team, you may need to take disciplinary actions against those members. After all, they have to know they messed up. But, it should be dealt with one-on-one. Some managers feel they should let the whole team know what is going on and will deal with the situation in the team scenario. This is a personal preference, but some members may be more sensitive to being called out in front of the group.

The best way to lead by example is to make sure you keep up-to-date with what is going on with the group and the work they are doing. This doesn’t mean micro-managing them. It just means knowing what tasks they are performing and whether they need any help from you or any materials to get their job done quicker.

It’s rare that a team does not respect managers who get involved. These are managers that care about the team succeeding and wants to help everyone in the group advance.

If you want to get more out of your team for any of these reasons:

=> Because the number of people on your team has been reduced and yet you’re expected to produce the same or better results.

=> Your team is not producing the results that are expected from you and your team and you’re concerned that your bosses and/or superiors and peers are not going to be happy about that.

=> Members of your team are undermining each other or worse undermining you, causing conflicts and frustrations for you and you’d like to turn your team into a well-oiled machine.

Then, I’d like to help you squeeze the most out of your team as possible by offering you a special one-on-one “Modern Leadership Mastery Coaching Session.”

During this session we will...

=> Create a crystal clear vision for the results that you want your team to produce, for the way that you’d like your team to interact with each other and for the kind of people you would like to have on your team.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with leadership and team building.

=> You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to create a powerful results- driven team that gets things done so that you can be the office hero and still have a flourishing personal life.

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